School of Nursing: COVID-19 Exposure and Question Form

School of Nursing: COVID-19 Exposure and Question Form

To help guide you in taking care of yourself and reduce the communication burden on any individual who experiences a COVID exposure situation, we are implementing a resource for the School of Nursing Community: COVID Coaches. Coaches are seasoned faculty prepared to provide the most accurate information that people in the nursing community need regarding COVID-19.

COVID Coaches will help you identify and understand COVID-19 guidelines from Texas A&M University regarding questions you have about what to do in case of exposure and/or symptoms of COVID-19. The Texas A&M University guidelines are the primary source of university guidance. Even though you are completing this inquiry form, if you have an exposure or symptoms, you are required to read the guidelines from Texas A&M and complete the required COVID-19 Report Form.

For students: The COVID Coach will help you determine accurate information regarding class and clinical timelines related to COVID-19 exposure, positive tests, or symptoms. Coaches will also inform your course faculty of absence dates saving you those emails. Your focus is to take care of yourself.

Please use this form to provide the basic information the COVID Coach needs to advise you properly.

Refer to Texas A&M Student Rule 7 and the University’s Covid-19 guidance to ensure you are following the most up-to-date guidance. It is important to pay particular attention to section 7.1.1 related to deadlines to notify faculty of absences. Additionally, it is critical to understand that this information may be shared with appropriate University personnel to confirm student attendance, absences, and consistent application of your requests for absences.

The Texas A&M University COVID-19 Guidelines and reporting form are available at